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Stormy Daniels (Stormy Weather parody)


Stormy Daniels (Stormy Weather parody)


Stormy weather Is brewing for Trump thanks to porn star Stormy Daniels!

You might die If you keep talkin’ ‘bout this guy
Stormy Daniels
He says it’s just a lie, his lawyer handles
But Trump’s lyin’ all the time
Don’t you dare Show what’s in his underwear
Stormy Daniels
It’s the same size as a birthday cake candle
Women ask him “Is it in yet?” all the time
And that’s why he’s angry all the time
Let’s stop playin’ games, Donald Trump he ain’t no looker
And he ain’t that big on brains, Which is why he prob’ly took her
Now he’ll go down in flames, Thanks to a porn star hooker
I love you, you big-tittied whore!
May be rich But guess what? Karma's a bitch
Named Stormy Daniels
This is one my favorite White House scandals
Obama was good all the time And you know that he’s packin’ like 9
I’m a big fan of this bimbo tanned & bleached
'Cause she had a plan, & now millions have been reached
Yes I understand, her non-disclosure has been breached
But it is totally worth it all
if that fucking pig gets impeached!
Epic fail, hope that bastard rots in jail
Crying “Witch hunt!”
His prison nickname will be Ginger Bitch Cunt
Yes, this is a wet dream of mine
Trump bottoming all of the time

"Just like that – no, a little to the alt-right"

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