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Vanjie Baby (Angie Baby parody)


Vanjie Baby (Angie Baby parody)


Drag legend and queen of the parodies JACKIE BEAT takes on the queen of the memes, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 first-to-go MISS VANJIE, with her version of Helen Reddy's 1974 hit "Angie Baby."


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Was named by her drag mom
I read that it came from The Little Mermaid
But the fan-sites might be wrong

Tucked her junk & beat her face
For the show they call Drag Race
Tens across the board, Vanjie Baby  

She did Drag on a Dime with a hot glue gun
And she looked like a hot messRu wasn’t thrilled, Ross rolled his eyes
And Michelle was unimpressed

Vanjie girl, prepare to fight
It’s time to lip-sych for your life
And don’t fuck it up, Vanjie baby  

Vanjie baby, you’re a Banjee Lady
Lookin’ like a flower-covered ball
Poor baby  

The song she had to lip synch to was Ain’t No Other Man
But there was another man on the stage that night Named Kalorie Karbdashian

They worked the room for phantom tips It’s really hard to move your lips
But you seemed to know all the words, Vanjie baby  

When the lip-synch was done and the song faded out
It was RuPaul’s time to choose
She looked at Vanjie then at Kalorie
Knowing one girl would have to lose It could have gone down either way ‘Cause both of them were just okay Is that a shady thing to say?
They closed their eyes they both prayed
To hear “Shante’ you stay”  

What happened next is no mystery Miss Vanjie sashayed away But before she went, the bitch stopped on stage ‘Cause she had something to say  

Now it’s one of the most famous lines She said her name real slow three times
Talk about a brilliant move, Vanjie Baby Vanjie baby, you don’t have to thank me
Don’t you worry there’s always All-Stars 4
Well, maybe Vanjie baby, Vanjie baby, Vanjie baby Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie, Miss… VANJIE!

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