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A true triple threat…Talent, Beauty and the Beat, Jackie has it all! A great talent, pure genius!
— RuPaul

“Jackie Beat is the greatest drag queen on earth!” – Roseanne Barr

"Jackie Beat is a true artist. If you don't get her, that's your problem!" - Joan Rivers

“Arguably the greatest drag queen on earth!” – Stephen Saban, World of Wonder

"One of the most prolific and successful drag artists in history." - WhatCulture.com

"The best of the best! There is no greater performer and no one you would rather see live! Jackie Beat is the real deal!" - Ross Mathews

"Jackie Beat doesn't have a politically-correct bone in her curvaceous body." - Applause! Applause

"Lewd, crude and hilarious. Joan Rivers would blush." - Cabaret Scenes

“Beat is a trained theater actress, but no amount of training could make a person this talented, this witty, or this scathing. The show should just be called ’Jackie Beat is a F**king Genius.’” – The Village Voice

“Menacing, sad and hysterically funny — and then there’s the voice. Jackie’s voice has the power and range of a Broadway star and an old-school Black Diva.” – Provincetown Magazine

“The audience, not quite believing she really said what what we thought we just heard, readies for the next rolling punch. Jackie Beat is speaking the X-rated gospel for our times!” – Provincetown Banner

“Beat’s sharp stand-up routine remains virtually unchallenged in the drag scene.” – HX Magazine

“Hilarious… Incredibly satisfying… Seriously recommended. What are you waiting for?” – NEXT Magazine

“A large and in-charge petulant drag queen who flies in the face of supermodel wannabes and mundane underworld depravity.” – New York Press


“Jackie Beat gives ’til it hurts! This gal can sing!” – Time Out New York

“Beat keeps the crowd howling!” – New York Post

“A breath (make that a blast) of fresh air in a genre that constantly teeters on the brink of irrelevance.” – Genre Magazine

“If she actually slays you with her barbed-wire witticism, I’m sure that she’ll politely step over your carcass on the way to the bar.” – HX Magazine

"Disturbingly funny, arrestingly and smartly vulgar." - Cabaret Scenes

“A large, sexy and twisted gal, armed with an endless store of one-liners. A rollercoaster ride of raunch and rudeness.” – The Seattle Weekly

“Jackie Beat always puts on an awe-inspiring, hilarious show.” – Edge Magazine

“Jackie Beat is so funny she could get laughs by merely reading the want ads.” – The LA Weekly

“Ms. Beat’s performances are in little danger of being relegated to the theme-club, drag queen barrio from which she is rapidly emerging as a star.” – Bang Magazine

Jackie Beat is superb. Rippingly funny… Equally hilarious and oddly moving. A polished performer, her wigs and costumes reveal rather than mask.” – The LA Weekly

“Jackie Beat is a campy riot!” – The LA Reader

“You haven’t arrived on the scene until you have felt the cold glare of Jackie Beat reading your tired ass.” – Planet Homo

“A divine drag queen with a heart of coal, Miss Beat is a treat!” – LGNY

“One of downtown’s scarier divas. Something for everyone… well, everyone with really bad taste, at least.” – Sidewalk New York

“First terrorists, then anthrax and now Jackie Beat!” – HX Magazine

“Perversely twisted” – Next Magazine

“Jackie Beat, the self-proclaimed World’s Best Drag Queen, is not to be missed.” – New York Blade

“For Beat, lack of subtlety isn’t just a lifetime trait; it’s an art form.” – Back Stage

“Some small children may be frightened” – The New York Times

“Just when you thought that trannies were about as hip as Deee-Lite and platform shoes, Lady Beat has come up and hit us over the head with her humor, her falsies, her creativity, her artistic endeavors and her staying power.” – Beardburn.com

And the critics just love Jackie’s award-winning annual holiday show, too…

“A crabby alternative to Christmas cheer. Tacky, tasteless and hysterical! An oasis of bile in a season of sappy sentiment.” – Time Out New York

“Unforgettable! A holiday tradition is born!” – On & Off Magazine

“Jackie Beat’s holiday show will knock you out!” – The Village Voice

“A hilarious not-to-be-missed holiday tradition!” – HX Magazine

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