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Music Videos

A parody of the Sonny & Cher classic, I Got U Babe from our hit show, BATTLE OF THE BITCHES!

Your friends and family won't say it, but Jackie will... You're a fucking adult. No one wants your bullshit homemade holiday presents.

Legendary Drag Diva and singing sensation Jackie Beat and Gay Video Star Boomer Banks with a special appearance by Alaska "Thunderfuck" 5000 in "I'm Blowing Boomer"!

Penis in the Ladies Room

Vocal Production by Markaholic Lyrics by JACKIE BEAT Starring Jackie Beat Marta Beatchu Mario Diaz Ian Harvie Andrea James Captain Rio MacDougall Sissy Spastik Roxy Wood Misty Violet Willam And introducing A Wig Head as "Candis" Best Boy Grip Big Dipper Directed & Edited by Kain O'Keeffe

Jackie Beat, Bianca Del Rio, Lady Red Couture, Sherry Vine (and a special appearance by "Doctor" Alyssa Edwards) skewer the classic pop culture phenomenon Ghostbusters with their own original music parody, "Tuckbusters." These gals are joined by a gaggle of nearly-nude Andrew Christian models to help answer the age-old question "Who ya gonna call?"

With over 1 MILLION HITS on YouTube, this video by Austin Young is Jackie’s twisted meat-lovers version of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back!”

Directed by Austin Young, this wet & juicy parody of Peggy Lee’s classic “Fever” is just dripping with attitude!

Shot in about 20 minutes before rushing to a show, Jackie’s parody of “Gimme More” quickly passed ONE MILLION HITS on YouTube! It also brought with it a flood of death threats from Britney Spears fans! Seriously.

Directed by Austin Young and co-starring Mario Diaz, this parody of Thelma Houston’s disco anthem “Don’t Leave Me This Way” will have straight girls questioning their boyfriend’s every move!

Home for the Challah-days this year with "Oy To The World", eight days of of music and merriment, all gelt free! Eight new hilarious music videos by award-winning LGBTQ directors, featuring drag guest stars, sexy dancers, celebrity appearances and more!

The Queen of Parody takes on the Queen of Pop in this video by Austin Young that exposes how Madonna has remained so well-preserved!

Jackie spills more show biz secrets as she pulls back the curtain to expose how celebrities like Mariah Carey stay looking so good in photos and videos. Directed by Austin Young, it’s important to note that this “ugly” look actually took longer to achieve than Jackie’s signature glamorous makeup!

A scandalous send-up of the holiday classic “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt (and later covered by Madonna). Directed by Austin Young, this video serves as a frightening yet festive cautionary tale!

Jackie channels Dolly Parton in this climactic Dance-Off scene from Craig Chester’s movie “Adam & Steve,” co-starring Parker Posey. Lyrics by Jackie Beat, music by Michael Lloyd of “Dirty Dancing” fame.


Comedian Jonny McGovern hosts "Hey Qween!" The gayest talk show of all time! Jonny and his sidekick, drag diva Lady Red Couture, riff about current hot topics and interview amazing LGBT guests! This week the incomprable Drag Mega Star Jackie Beat is on the casting couch with Jonny and Lady Red Couture!

The LEGENDARY Jackie Beat gives James her signature "Beat." Follow Jackie on Twitter: @jackiebeat Read More at: http://worldofwonder.net/ Follow World of Wonder on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1dM5ZvS Follow World of Wonder on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1kFOupm Follow World of Wonder on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1orXheO Who is World of Wonder?

Lady Cops for the God Shave The Queen project in 1996. Filmed in NYC, with appearances from Candis Cayne and Mario Diaz.

Your 10th annual "farewell tour" is ending soon, your daughter wants to be a man and your much younger rough trade boyfriend du jour has stopped calling -- what's a diva to do? SHOOT A SITCOM, OF COURSE!
Your 10th annual "farewell tour" is ending soon, your daughter wants to be a man and your much younger rough trade boyfriend du jour has stopped calling -- what's a diva to do? SHOOT A SITCOM, OF COURSE!
Ladies, if you're having trouble controling your hectic lives, at least you can now control your "sensitive digestive tract!" Unlike that poop-producing product Jamie Lee Curtis endorses, rich & creamy new Fecalux is made the natural way! So, if you feel like you can't do ANYTHING right -- including going to the bathroom -- try new Fecalux!
Spoofs inspired by "The Corn Refiners Association" propaganda commercials. Check the real commercial at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEbRxTOyGf0 Written by Jackie Beat Starring Jackie Beat, Nadya Ginsburg, Selene Luna Directed, Shot & Edited by Lawrence Elbert Sound: Samantha Kuppig Set Design: Krista Gall Production Asst: Drew Mancilla visit: http://seleneluna.com https://www.youtube.com/user/nadyaginsburg http://missjackiebeat.com http://LawrenceElbert.com
from Roseanneworld.com, the fine people who brought you Corn Syrup, Fecalux, Cher and Chaz and Glady comes another commercial with a double whammy with NOPOOPITAL and MENSTOP. Starring comedy legend Roseanne Barr, Jacke Beat, Selene Luna and Nadya Ginsburg. Directed by Lawrence Elbert.
Too busy to clean yourself, let alone your house or apartment? Introducing new Glady Plug-Ins, the combination room freshener and totally unnecessary feminine hygiene product from the fine folks who brought you rich and creamy Fecalux! Starring Roseanne Barr, Jackie Beat, Nadya Ginsburg and Selene Luna. Directed by Lawrence Elbert
Hilarious extra from Roseanne Barr's 2006 standup special: Blonde and Bitchin'. Features Jackie Beat.
Austin Young presents his latest psychodrama, Queen, Please!, starring Margaret Cho, Jackie Beat, and Vaginal Davis. That's right. All three of them. When a coveted apartment on Captain Jack's Wharf in Provincetown is at stake, it can't end well. Blood and Gore by Al Ridenor from The Art of Bleeding.

When comedy legend Roseanne Barr interviews Cher, son Chaz and the spirit of the late great Sonny Bono, the ectoplasm really hits the fan!


Oh what we do to pay the rent! Porn legends Jenna Jameson and Jeanna Fine “acting” opposite a scenery-chewing Jackie Beat in the 1995 movie “Blue Movie” from Wicked.

Don’t blink or you may miss an ambitious young Jackie at the 1:10 mark, playing a kooky door “girl” in this 1996 TV Movie of the Week, a strange sequel to the big-screen hit, “Encino Man.”

Not to be confused with the Robert DeNiro film of the same name that Jackie’s in, this 2007 X-rated gem from Vivid stars porn superstar Tera Patrick! Again, watch as Jackie puts the B in “subtle.”

“Ookie Cookie” is an uber-campy and hallucinogenic tribute to the work of gay NYC video artist, the late Tom Rubnitz (specifically “Pickle Surprise.”) Jackie plays the legendary Lady Bunny and LA artist Barry Morse is Pickle. It also stars other notable Los Angeles performers including Willam Belli of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame.

A brief discussion about Theatre-A-Go-Go!’s campy stage production of “Valley Of The Dolls,” from a documentary that is part of the cult film’s commemorative DVD extras.

Very rare early short by Jackie Beat and actress Katherine Connella (who also played Jackie’s religious sister, Vickie Beat, at the beginning of Jackie’s career). This played at many Gay film festivals.

I'm A Man!

Jackie Beat & Sherry Vine team up to give us a personal guided tour of Jackie Beat's Highland Park, Los Angeles home. No room is left out of view from Jackie's own private Boudoir and her Golden Girls style lanai.

Jackie played a straight douchebag keyboard player in this low budget indie film by writer director Vaughn Verdi that featured music by Nancy Wilson of Heart. (Jackie discusses the male character, Roger, starting around 2:07 and again at 4:25)

Jackie Beat reads his contribution to the “Born This Way Blog,” which later became a popular book, live at Homo-Centric in Los Angeles.


Dirty Sanchez

Video by Mariah and Molly Oh my God! Who does this song!? Thats what freaked-out club-goers run up and ask the DJ every time they play Dirty Sanchez. And who is Dirty Sanchez, you ask? A wildly popular West Coast phenomenon in the East Coast-dominated electroclash scene, thats who.

Directed by Darren Stein

Youth In Asia by Dirty Sanchez Edit Version by JB Ghuman, Jr.

Directed by Aron Kantor

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